Nombre(s) : David Lozada
Nacimiento : 5 de abril de 1983
Lugar : Guyama, Puerto Rico
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The streets of Brooklyn, New York gave birth to David Lozada, but his return to native Puerto Rico has been his ticket to stardom. He’s already known for producing the Reggaeton hit, “Dale, don, Dale,” by Don Omar; his collaborations with artists like Luny Tunes, Daddy Yankee and Baby Rasta and Gringo have made him a rising star. The release of his debut solo album, Sin Rivales, is set to make him a household name.

When he was 10 years old, Cheka and his family moved to the enchanted island, where he was first exposed to music through the church choir. It was there that Lozada honed his vocal skills and met many new friends. They began trading home-recorded tapes; soon enough, a new sound, known as Reggaeton, began catching on throughout the island. Lozada was hooked and Cheka emerged. At the age of 15, Cheka began making appearances at local parties. His presence and natural talent created a buzz that began to circulate throughout the music industry.

In 2001, Cheka got his big break when DJ Playero asked him to make a guest appearance on his album and music video, “Déjà vu.” Impressed by his contribution, well-known Reggaeton stars, Baby Rasta and Gringo, signed Cheka to their Illegal Records label in 2002. Over the next few years, Cheka goes on to make note-worthy collaborations with artists like DJ Eric and Blin Blin.

Throughout the second half of 2004, Cheka devoted his time to the studio and began cutting his first solo debut album. A project that was not without hard work “I spent all my time in the studio, working hard to make music that is positive and can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere in the world. That’s why I’m so proud of this album.”

The young artist will work hard to make sure everyone, everywhere gets a taste of Cheka; with a planned tour in February across Latin America: Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras and, of course, Puerto Rico. The artist has also received stellar acclaim in the states with successful appearances in major cities like Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

Cheka’s talents are not only limited to the stage. The young rapper is also a producer and has lent his studio talents to various projects, such as: “La Película,” “Nueve Plagas” and his debut album, “Sin Rivales.” He likes to be in control of several aspects of the recording process and points to American rap mogul, Dr. Dre, as his musical influence growing up.

There is no doubt that Reggaeton is fast becoming the next, big musical sensation. “Latinos have become the biggest majority in the United States. Many of them bring the flavor of their home country to their hometowns. Radio and T.V started catching on and giving guys like me airtime. People liked the music because it was good and it stuck. Now it’s huge,” states Cheka.

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