Nombre(s) : Ines Rooney-Saldaña
Lugar : Dominican Republic
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Every since fans heard 'Mirame,' from Luny Tunes "Mas Flow 2" album, people have been wondering just who the singer who calls herself Deevani really is. The hit single, 'Mirame' featured the vocals stylings of Daddy Yankee and Deevani, and thrusted her into the limelight. Many people automatically assumed she was a new artist straight from India because of the masterful way she sings in Hindi. Rumors have been floating around for over a year now, and will now put those rumors to rest.

Many people assumed that Deevani was born in India; however that is far from the truth. Deevani was born Adalgisa Inés Rooney-Saldaña in the Dominican Republic and was raised in Carolina, Puerto Rico. She is the sister of Luny from the famous duo Luny Tunes and The CEO of Mas Flow. But, just how did she end up working with her younger brother? "I graduated with an MBA degree in finance," Deevani told in an exclusive first time interview. "I was working in the field of finance in NY when Luny asked me to work with the company."

For Deevani, her expertise in finance easily can explain how Luny would think to make his sister a part of his company, but the confusion for fans does not stop there. They still cannot figure out how she went from specializing in finance and becoming CEO of Mas Flow Incorporated, to something even bigger, an unlikely Reggaeton superstar. "There is a song that I sang to Luny many years ago, and the song is called Deewana, Deewana," the singer told This set the seeds of creativity flowing in Luny's mind. He would later return to the memory of the song his sister sang to him and ask her to collaborate on a song we now know as "Mirame". "When I did 'Mirame' Luny said well I think we should call you Deewana and I said no because that is a word for a guy. He asked me what the word for a woman was and I said "Deevani" so that is the name Luny chose for me." Deevani happens to mean crazy girl , which fits perfectly since her brother’s name is “Luny”.

"Mirame was a song I did a long time ago and it was originally for Tego. Tego didn't know it. When we finished recording it and listened to it, Luny said 'I think this is a song for Don Omar.' Then there was a little misunderstanding between Luny and Don Omar. Don Omar was no longer going to be on Mas Flow II. Luny then told me Daddy Yankee wanted to be on the song. Luny told Yankee he would have to ask my permission and I said okay, and told Yankee to start writing his part!" The rest is history.

The thing that makes Deevani unique is her love for languages and different cultures. This shows in her work and contributions to Mas Flow family. "When I was in High school I started getting interested in foreign languages," recalled Deevani. "The first language I started learning was Chinese, Mandarin. I taught myself. I also had a lot of friends who spoke Mandarin so that helped a lot. Next I learned Japanese. After I learned Japanese I met my husband at the time, who was my high school [sweetheart]. I was married to him for 10 years. He is from Bangladesh and spoke 5 languages and taught me those 5 languages; Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Gujrati, Punjabi and Arabic because you have to know it to read the "Q'uran".

Reggaeton fanatics both in the United States and Puerto Rico as well as other countries around the world mistakenly thought that she was Indian. For a year Deevani worried that her true fans really did not know she was Dominican, but at the same time shied away from her new found fame. She has always been a humble person and appreciates all of her fans world wide. "I think it's an honor and I feel very nice that they think that I am Indian," said Deevani in a humble but proud voice. "That means the way I sing it is so pure and so much like Indian and the way it's supposed to be sang. They would never think that I am not Indian. Many Indians are the people who think that I am Indian so that's a huge honor for me, that means what I do, I am doing it well."

For a year fans wondered when Deevani would collaborate on a second Reggaeton album. Her chance to shine came one again with the production of Tito's solo album 'Top of the Line.' "Luny heard that song and he told me, 'Ines I really like that song. Can you do this song?' I said of course and I did it for him, I recorded it. He was like, 'Wow I really like what you did, I think I'd like [to have] this one for Tito's album. When I see Tito I will show him this song.' When Tito heard it he immediately said he wanted the song for his album. Luny told Tito he should try to get Beanie Man to also do this song. Beanie Man heard my part and he liked it, and went in and recorded it too, without hearing Tito's part. Actually, when I met Beanie man at the recording of the video, he still hadn't heard the whole finished song. I had my Ipod with me and I let him listen to the whole song and he said it turned out great!"

Many people listen to Flow Natural and want to know what the words mean. It is sometimes difficult when the words are in Spanish, but Deevani brought Punjabi and Hindi into the equation. Deevani's lyrics in 'Flow Natural actually show off the richness of the Indian culture while they entertain us. Deevani took the time to explain the meaning of her lyrics for "The girl is impressed with the way the guy is making her feel. He makes her want to dress in colors and in Hindi the colors have a lot of meaning. In India there is a Hindu festival of colors called Diwali. That is their main holiday. They dress in white and they basically start throwing colors at each other. So that is what she is saying, he makes her so happy that she dresses herself in colors so much that she is impressed. 'Jawaani' means youth and he makes her youthfulness filled with colors." With that Deevani fanatics can find a new appreciation in understanding her lyrics. You can find the lyrics on her blog at .

Deevani has finally been officially signed to a record label. There is no surprised in which company will benefit from her talents. "Luny offered me a deal. As of June I am now signed with my company Mas Flow. There is already talk of an album. All the producers at Mas Flow are saying we are going to have to come up with an album for Deevani, everyone will love it. My few myspace friends are always asking when the album for Deevani will come out."

When asked if she ever though that she would be one of Mas Flows artists when she began, Deevani exclaimed No Way! "I am back stage. I manage the company. I am still Chief Executive Officer of Mas Flow and just hired a new Chief Operating Officer to manage my producers because it was too much work for me. Simran Singh who is now Chief Operating Officer for Mas Flow and manager for Luny Tunes" helps me out a lot and it's so much better now, because he is extremely professional and understanding. I only did songs because I was there and I could sing in different languages. My brother is always looking for something different for his music and since we were young I would write songs for his talent shows and parties."

Luny Tunes have truly brought Reggaeton to a different plateau with the addition of Deevani to their team. They are constantly looking for sounds that will continue to make Reggaeton stay on top. They added Merengue and Bachata among other sounds to the music. If one sits and thinks about it, a majority of the Reggaeton hits today are produced by Luny Tunes and are the songs that we all love. Daddy Yankee sold a over a million copies of "Barrio Fino”, the three songs on Tego's album that people liked the most were also produced by Luny Tunes. Their record speaks for itself.

Everyone is asking Deevani to work with them. Don Omar, producer Eliel, Johnny Prez, Angel y Khriz, Zion y Lennox, as well as Daddy Yankee are all waiting to collaborate with Deevani. There is also no surprise that she gets calls from India too. Many Indian artists want to collaborate with her and we should soon here information on that. Hopefully Deevani will have a chance to squeeze them all into her busy schedule soon. For now fans will just continue to listen to 'Mirame' and 'Flow Natural.' They can also look forward to the 'Flow Natural' video filmed in Jamaica earlier this month. No matter what the future brings Deevani has made both Dominicans and Indians proud.

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