DJ Nelson

Nombre(s) : Nelson Martinez
Nacimiento : 7 de abril de 1972
Lugar : San Juan, Puerto Rico

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When the history of the 2oth century is written, Flow Music shall be a faithful picture of the evolution of the Latin urban movement. The mix of genres, sounds, the ever present adrenaline rushing beat, vocal interpretations with distinguished sounds, messages interrelated with social interests, shall be an intense reflection of 2005. DJ Nelson is the most important businessman in the history of Latin urban music. As founder of Flow Music, Dj Nelsons street-friendly taste and marketing savvy helped bring reggeton into the mainstream of American culture and mass media.

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, DJ Nelson is one of the pioneers of the reggaeton movement. In 1992 he become part of the production team of The Noise (which is considered the first reggaeton club, and their first production is one of the first cds of the genre). Shortly after that, he produced CDs for Baby Rasta and Gringo, Memo and Vale and Ivy Queen, who will become the undisputed first lady of reggaeton and Latin Hip hop in years to come.

Nelson then went on to release, with his side kick of those days Notty Boy, an album that would change the history of Puerto Rican music: DJ Nelson Presents Reggaeton Live Vol. 1, this was the first time ever that the word reggaeton was used to denote the new sound coming from the ghettos of San Juan. It was after this that he became the most sought after DJ-producer in the island, but the business was still in its early stages and most of the productions were sold as mixtapes. Nelson then put his attention to broadcasting reggaeton across Puerto Rico.

With the help of the legendary Radio DJ Coyote, Nelson set up what became in less than a year, the most popular radio station in Puerto Rico, The Mix 107.7. By this time he had already worked with the future megastars of the genre: Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon, Ivy Queen, Hector and Tito and many more.

Being so busy he decided to recruit new DJs and producers for his company Flow Music. In his search for new talent he discovered and took under his wing 3 young producers, that two years later released Mas Flow Vol. 1. Their names, Luny Tunes and Noriega. Luny Tunes are today the hottest producers of reggaeton, not just in Puerto Rico but across the continent.

One of Nelsons latest adventures has been the opening of Flow La Discoteca, which is regarded as the best Reggaeton Club in the world. Still, being the owner does not stop him from being the resident DJ, a position that allows him to keep his popularity and ear for new fresh talent. With Flow Music, DJ Nelson is still top of the game, producing and giving rise to new up and coming young artists. Being named "The Godfather of Reggaeton" by Daddy Yankee bears some responsibility and DJ Nelson lives up to the hype. He is still one of the most important producers in Puerto Rico and hugely popular all over South America and the USA, having sold millions of records and introducing new sounds and new artists year after year.

Currently thru his labels he is producing, Aldo y Dandy, Nejo and Dalmata and Andy Boy as well as mentoring young producers like DJ Memo and DJ Sonic. He is currently working on Tego Calderons new album for Atlantic Records for which he produced 3 tracks as well as Jay Z Roc La Famila album Los Rompe Diskotecas. Besides the radio station and his label Flow Music, Nelson also owns Flow Wear leader of the Latin urban style and Flow sneakers.

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