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Don Chezina

Nombre(s) : Ricardo Garcia Ortiz
Nacimiento : 1976
Lugar : Georgia, US (Puerto Rican)
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Don Chezina, a Hip Hop and Reggaeton artist is one of the most known and respected artists in both genres, with a loyal support
by his fans, even more than what some of the mainstream artists receive. Don Chezina was born in Georgia, but he was raised all his life in Puerto Rico.

First he lived in Llorens Torres with his grandmother, later he moved to Guaynabo and finally he moved with his family to Trujillo Alto where his career begun. He started recording practice songs first for DJ Gilbert, later on he recorded for DJ Dinamite the song "Bien Guillao De Gangster", the same song was recorded for Dj Chiclin and for The Noise Vol.1 of DJ Negro, on that cd he became known by many people and his career took a big change.

In 1996 he won best artist award, in 1997 he won the best Rap artist award, won two "Tu Musica" awards in 1998, best video and also best debut album with "Bien Guillao de Gangster" selling more than 150,000 copies. In 1999 he puts out his first Greatest Hits CD titled "Mi Trayectoria" which sold more than 50,000 copies in Puerto Rico. After making popular the song "Tra, Tra, "Tra" he put that song in another album which also included the hit "Chezidon" and sold more then 75,000 copies.

On the year 2000 Reggaeton entered the New York market with the song "Tirala Tra" by Don Chezina. With a lot of hits under his belt he went on tour to many countries including Dominican Republic, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and Mexico. He also went on tour in the United States on New York, Philadelphia, Orlando, Miami, California, Las Vegas, Phoenix, New Orleans, Connecticut and Boston, the whole East & West coast. He has collaborated in more than 180 alumbs, with more than 100 songs that are considered international hits, songs like "Tra, Tra, "Tra" "Chezidon" "El Bocon" "Bien Guillao de Gangster" "Oye El Bit" "Treque" "Asi Que Escucha" "El Masta" "Sicario de Barrio" "Don Don Chezina" "Ya El Sol Esta Saliendo" "Seala" "El Dueño De Las Girlys", etc. Don Chezina is now working on his new album "Original Don" and is also working in other productions like El Hangover, La Calle, Da' Fame, Los Mero Mero, Reggaeton de Marquesina and Los Veteranos.

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