Nombre(s) : Jose Raul Gonzalez
Nacimiento : March, 1974
Lugar : San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Greetings to all. My name is José Raúl González, known in the streets as Gallego. I was born in March of 1974 in a hospital in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. Son of Carmen, a divorced nurse born in Barranquitas (the same Island mentioned before) and of Ramón González, born in the beach of Los Cristianos, Tenerife, for which obviously I am doubly islander and of the zodiac sign Pisces.

As a child I sang in the bathtub of my house, and as a teen I sang seated in the AMA (Public Transportation of Puerto Rico), while I walked, in my mind or out loud and even in school... It happens that my country is completely musical, in the Caribbean you live singing to forget, to recall or simply to be entertained.

In 1989, after a short self-imposed exile in the city of New York, I returned to the Island infected with the syndrome of poetry. The Puerto Rican poets located in said city my north and my school, I discovered the functional thing of spoken word and its powers.

I began to write for me and for others. In the University of Puerto Rico and with other writers of my generation, commanded by the teacher and novelist Mayra Santos Febres, we created 'La Mirilla’ (The Peephole), a literary movement of the 90’s generation in the country.

And for the rest, at least for me, is only this, a history of love for written and spoken word. It changes the light of the signal and I carry my performance – poetic through bars and university precincts across all the Island and the foreign (thanks to her for carrying me to Santo Domingo; to Havana, Cuba; the Nuyorrican Poet Café, N.Y.; and to the beautiful and cold Paris, France).

In 2000 I published my first book of poetry, "Barrunto", Editorial Isla Negra. This, my first born, obtains the third place of the literary contest of the Pen Club in Puerto Rico. "Barrunto" nowadays, and for my joy, is utilized as a textbook in departments of literature of several universities in the country and the United States. And I say the blessed happiness, or luck, to be able to put in line my literary efforts, to have worked with the bravest and most important exponents of the kind, mentioning some of them: Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Wisin & Yandel, Tito and Hector the Bambino, Eddie Dee, etc.

A great woman in my life that did these marvelous stories for me on the favelas in Brazil, then during the construction of my first poetic efforts I carried out the word 'hood' … I grew, I ate, I dreamed, walked and breathed poor sectors… the hood or ghetto.

From there the title of my first production… a debate among the horror, the happinesses and the situations that occur in these vital spaces for my work and mental survival.

In this production I speak of life, of the love that has remained behind, and of the one that perhaps soon we will find… of the Latin-American and Caribbean race… of pure dance… and that which a woman and a man carry out when they find themselves at a club, of the situations and conditions that I live… of my country.

With ‘Teatro del Barrio’ I am going to fuse all the possible and impossible rhythms. I am going to make everyone dance along the streets of the country and denounce the problems and situations (not only of my country but of the world).

Some of my friends that live their life singing as I do and that joined me in my ‘teatro’ (theatre) were Marvin, Chelo, Mario VI, my friends Gomba Jhabari, and Arcangel. I chose these tremendous artists because of destiny. As time passed each feature took on color and form, and the fact is that this CD took me two years to finish. In reality I feel that each one of the ones that accompanied me in the songs were the ones that were necessary… that is to say, we hit the nail.

Well, with a lot of affection and respect I present you my ‘Teatro del Barrio’ ('Theater of the Hood') … my first record, in size, always in size.

your great friend,


"Music is life… the life and the towns without music are condemned to not dance, to forget, to wake up in the morning and look at the sky with ears full of spider webs… Music is since the beginnings the universe, the opposition of silence and censorship." - Gallego

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