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Maicol y Manuel

Nombre(s) : Manuel A. Perez (Manuel) and Miguel Muñoz (Maicol)
Lugar : Carolina, Puerto Rico
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Manuel A. Perez a.k.a. Manuel and Miguel Muñoz a.k.a. Maicol are the names of the members of the duo Maicol Y Manuel, the first duo in the genre of Reggaeton. This two artists started their music careers in the year 1991, where they expressed themselves by doing music. They started performing in the club The Noise where people got to know them and where they started to record songs in productions that didnt come out in stores. Thanks to their style of making dance songs and being the first duo to be supported in and outside of Puerto Rico they were given the name "The Kings of the Underground".

Maicol y Manuel have appeared in more then 100 various artists cds. In the year 1996 they made their first CD titled "Da Underground" which was well accepted by their fans, then in 1999 they recorded their sophomore album "Los Reyes del Underground" which included their hit song "No Hay Ley". In the year 2001 they released their first Greatest Hits CD titled "Como En Los Tiempos de Antes". Their most known album "Yakaleo" came out in the year 2002 which featured the best artists in Reggaeton.

In 2004 they made their first CD as producers which was called "Jake Mate" and finally in the year 2005 "El Desquite" came out, even though it didnt receive much support from the media, it still received big support from their fans.

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