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RKM y Ken-Y

Real name(s) : José Nieves (RKMM) and Kenny Vasquez (Ken-Y)
Birth date : Feb. 6, 1981 (RKM) - Sept. 7, 1984 (Ken-Y)
Birth place : Urao, Puerto Rico
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Rakim y Ken first started performing together at house parties in a small city called Urao just a couple of years ago, which led to their being signed to a local record label and consequently noticed by producer Chencho. “One of our biggest strengths is that we are no different on stage than off – we don’t pretend to be anything other than we really are,” says Ken about the duo. “Our mission is to use our music to reach all kinds of people: young kids, adolescents, adults, rappers, Christians – everybody – and bring Reggaeton into areas of the world where it’s never been before.”

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