Nombre(s) : Joel Bosch
Lugar : Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
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TAINOs birth name, Joel Bosh was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. At the age of 4 his family then moved to San Juan where he attended school at El Colegio Madre Cabrini. At the the age of 12 his family then moved to the United States at Amherst, Massachusetts where he attended High School and then went on to Busines Administration at the University of Massachusetts UMASS.

In his spare time, TAINO worked as a D. J. in some of hippest and most influential clubs in the city saving his earnings to fund his career. In 1991 he organized an event for UMASS where he met his first producer, El filosofo del the rap, (the philosopher of Latin rap) Vico-C, one of Latin raps biggest selling and influential exponent. Vico-C saw the potential in TAINO and clearly recognized his talent as a young Latin rapper.

TAINO then teamed up with local DJ producer, Lumberjack who produced his first incursion as a rapper. In 1993 Taino, releases his first debut compact disc produced by Lumberjack under Vico-Cs record label titled TAINO. Selling over 25.000 copies, it included hits like Muevelo and No tomes la pocion, chosen by DESCA to lead its massive television and radio campaign to fight the abuse of teenage drinking and smoking. TAINO was on his road to fame when he was chosen to open the ceremony of Los Premios Cúspide where he also produced and wrote the official song of this event.

In 1995, after 2 years of constant touring in Puerto Rico and Latin America with Vico C, TAINO ended his contract with VC Records and again confides in old friend and producer, Lumberjack for his new album, titled Con mi corona. With little money and hard work, TAINO brakes the barriers of Latin Rap with his successful track, Yo soy Boricua pa que tu lo sepas, as it becomes the anthem of Puerto Ricans around the world. To date, the track still identifies itself as the social statement of proud Pto. Ricans. It is constantly used at major events such as boxing matches such as that of world champion, Felix TITO Trinidad on HBO; as the official song of the Puerto Rican Day Parade in NY and as the rally anthem for Puerto Ricans everywhere.

In 1996, TAINO lands a contract with record label, Right Touch, where the single becomes part of the compilation, Power Mix Latino selling an excess of 100,000 copies. Taino also trademarks the phrase Yo Soy Boricua Pa Que Tu lo Sepas! In 1998, national franchise, Churchs Chicken, uses the track and the phrase to launch its advertising campaign on television, printed media and at theaters allowing them to achieve the highest revenues ever in Puerto Rico. In 2000, TAINO lands a spot as host on JAMZ, the national television show that became a major hit with todays Latin youth. TAINOs keen sense of the music scene and upcoming trends marks the spotlight as he changes the shows direction and transforms it to the current rave in the music industry; reggeaton. TAINO was the driving image for MUN2 in their initial campaign to gain distribution access to major markets and was chosen by Telemundos/NBC International Network to be the host of Top Ten Video Countdown televised internationally by Mun2.

In 2002, TAINO releases his 4th album entitled, El Conteo Final, expanding his popularity even further in the Latin market with its hot single, Festival. With a catchy hook and hot, high definition video, TAINO catapults to the beginnings of the reggeaton crossover era, reaching bigger audiences. TAINO welcomes 04. with new responsibilities as producer with artists such as Juanes, Mach & Daddy, Paulina Rubio, Noriega, Lisa M, Leonor, Adassa, Chuly, South Rican, and many others. With this move, TAINO creates his own unique style of music producing tracks with fusions of R&B with reggeaton. He also signs a management deal, with CHAMPION ARTIST MANAGEMENT expanding his fan base to Europe. Champion has negotiated a major role for TAINO in the upcoming worldwide event, Space Concert, with venues in Japan, New York and Berlin. Sharing the limelight, will be celebrities such as David Bowie, Madonna, Alicia Keys others, in what is scheduled to be a 24 hour, around the world television special with the music being beamed into space.

Now, Taino aka JBOSCH, The creator of the most famous song in Latin urban history “YO SOY BORICUA PA’QUE TU LO SEPAS”selling over 1 million copies worldwide & “Como Yo Te Quiero” From his Sin Censura album, comes back to the scene with his 5th album THE FUTURE. On this album Taino combines the sounds of urban hip-hop, reggaeton and r& b to take us on a unique journey of sure to be classics... In this album Taino show‘s off his writing & producing talents by producing 12 of the tracks on this album. Also combining with reggaeton’s biggest producer DJ JOE to bring us his 1st single “ACERCATE” & “Tu Provocandome” a Latin Hip Hop track produced by the one and only TAINO. Following with hits like “Sabes queue Por Ti” produced by EZ. “Alcohol” featuring Match & Daddy. The Future also will feature a sure to be a romantic reggaeton classic “Perdoname” featuring ANGEL LOPEZ from SON by FOUR. Featuring on the album is Jessica from SOLUNA on an r&b tip track “Ya No Puedo Esperar” this track was also co written by Luigy Giraldo writer for Cumbia Kings & Kumbia all Stars. Taino will most definitely savor a crossover Anglo hit with the song “I Love U” this song was written by Taino and Roy Tavares composer and producer for Ricky Martin, Shakira and many others. On a more tropical club beat with a mixture of hip-hop and salsa comes “EL Bravo” Featuring J-Lozada, this will also own the Latin airwaves and major Latin clubs.

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