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Quinee Butler, - September 26, 2006 - At 16 years of age, Marcos Masís, better known as Tainy, is one of the youngest and most successful producers in the Reggaeton genre today. Since his entrance into the world of Reggaeton with his work on Mas Flow 2, Tainy seems to have the Midas touch. He is living the dream of many young men and women who long to take a program called Fruity Loops and turn the loops into rings of gold. Born and raised in San Juan, it is hard to believe that this humble kid has found so much success at an early age in a small island called Puerto Rico.

Just how did someone so young came upon the chance to produce songs for one of the leading producing teams in Reggaeton? A chance meeting with Nely, who is also part of the Luny Tunes power team, made it all possible. “After I met Nely, I gave Luny my demo. Luny liked what he heard and signed me.” Tainy also explained that his talent did not come to him overnight even though he always had a love for music. “I have always liked music and at the age of 15 Nely loaned me a program for producing. I practiced with it for a whole year until I mastered it.”

Many perspective artists and producers meet Luny or Tunes under different circumstances. “I never thought I would get the opportunity to work with such great producers”, Tainy told staff. “Thanks to God it became a reality.”

The assumption that a good demo meant he would instantly work on big projects is far from the truth. Ines Rooney, CEO of Mas Flow reminded the artists present at the 2005 Latin Rap Conference not to walk away from Mas Flow when Luny and Tunes are busy with other projects, and other, younger producers services are offered in their place. It’s possible if those unlucky artists only knew the quality of work Tainy and his fellow producers were capable of, they would have never turned down the offer. Turns out that since the first assignment he received from Luny, Tainy has done nothing less than shine. “My first project for Luny was actually to see if I really had it in me to make beats. Luny liked the first beat I worked on so much that he ended up using it for Mas Flow 2.” Who could have imagined!

The most surprising show of Tainy’s talents and creativity came from an album called “Sangre Nueva”: “Naldo used to work with Luny" stated Tainy. "Since Luny was busy promoting Mas Flow 2, Naldo asked me if I wanted to work with him on a project. I took that opportunity and it also became successful." After producing the beats for hits on two of the biggest selling Reggaeton albums of 2005, who could ask for anything more? Tainy asked for nothing, however, Luny and Tunes showed him their gratitude anyway. Their thanks came in the form of allowing him to share their moment on stage when they accepted an award at the 2006 Premio Lo Nuestro ceremony, sponsored by Univision. “I was very excited to be in front of so many people,” recalled Tainy with a smile. “I thank Luny and Tunes for taking me with them to that event and allowing me to stand along side them on stage when they accepted that award." As to how it felt to actually be on stage with Luny and Tunes, Tainy humbly replied, “At first I thought, ‘How in the world did I end up here?’ Then I thought about all the hard work I had done and all the great things I had accomplished, and I knew I deserved to be on stage with them that night."

When you talk to Tainy, it's easy to see that the success has not gone to his head. He is quick to tell anyone that he still has a long way to go on the path to the top. “I am very young and I have much to learn. I always see Luny and Tunes working; they are like my mentors. Luny asked me to help him since I have reached another level; I produced something like 15 songs for ‘Los Benjamins’.” With the previous track list presented earlier on this year for “Los Benjamins”, many fans are anticipating what could be one of the most powerful special edition CD's in Reggaeton history, or better yet, “Los Benjamins Part II” soon. One can only hope we could be so lucky.

With the release of “Los Benjamins” one can only fathom how many CD’s will be sold the first week alone. Tainy’s prediction on how this album will sell is simple: “It will be huge! We have a large variety of artists. Every single artist will bring something different and unique to the project. Each of the artists and producers have the talent capable of bringing Reggaeton to another level.”

The beats produced by the Mas Flow team as a whole for "Los Benjamins" are some of the best ever produced in Reggaeton. As for the future of Mas Flow, Tainy knows the company is, and will continue to grow. He believes if all the employees of Mas Flow Incorporated continue to work as one unit they will be even more successful.

Interview translated by Eddie Rosas, aka Nino Brown

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