Nombre(s) : Raul Rivera Roldán
Lugar : Río Grande, Puerto Rico

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Born and raised in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, Raul Rivera Roldán, also known as Thilo, is now a major part of the Mas Flow producing team. As a professional producer he only has a year and a couple of months under his belt; however he has three to four years experience as a producer.

Just how did he get connected with Luny and Tunes? “When they started making beats I got to know them through my cousin,” recalled Thilo, as he spoke with “At the time they were working with DJ Nelson and I was making beats. That is what caught their attention.” At the age of 24, Thilo is humble and proud that he has this chance to work with Francisco Saldaña and Victor Cabrera, real names of Luny and Tunes, respectively. He feels that they are the best of the best to come out of Puerto Rico, in terms of Reggaeton.

Although Mas flow has a strong staff of the best producers in the Reggaeton genre, many of the newer producers are under the age of twenty. To the people at Mas flow, age ‘aint nothin’ but a number’ and Thilo agrees with that. “I’ve always said age doesn’t matter here. What matters the most is the music that is produced. Being young is an advantage in this industry and we are all hungry to work. We have the ability to keep on going.”

Thilo was part of the Reggaeton production, La Mision 4. He produced three potential songs for Los Benjamins and assisted on many others. “I produced 3 songs but helped on many.” He states that there are so many good songs on the Los Benjamins album that he cannot name just one right now as his favorite.

To get this far in the music industry and still have a good head on your shoulders, is not a bad job for someone who has gone to college but did not stay long enough to grab a degree. No matter, Thilo is content with being a part of Mas Flow Incorporated, because, as he stated, “You never know what the future may bring.”

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