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Tito El Bambino

Real name(s) : Efrain Fines Nevarez
Birth date : 1981
Birth place : Puerto Rico
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With a strong inner strength that pushes him to keep on going and with an artistic maturity that allows him to know where is he going to, Efraín Fines Nevarez, a/k/a Tito El Bambino, now premieres his first soloist production Top of the Line, a compilation of 20 danceable themes which will make every one who listens them to move to the rhythm of reggaeton.

Yes, you read correctly! This production contains 20 songs in one single compactdisc, almost all of them written by Tito El Bambino himself. Though this sounds crazy in today’s recording industry, Tito wanted to give the best of himself to his faithful followers and he did not want to leave out any of the songs that he composed for this ambitious production Top of The Line, his first as a soloist and the first under EMI Televisa Music.

“Each one of these songs is a product of the daily life, of love feelings, but also it comes from the pain and the different experiences of the human being, including some of my own. Therefore, some of them are very up tempo and dance-like and other lyrics are more romantic geared to make you feel in love or to cry from the loss of a great love”.

All of the 20 songs on this daring production, the most ambitious in its genre, are under one theme: Top of The Line.

“More than a year ago, before I started to record the album, God put in my mind the name: Top of the Line. With out any doubts I realize that it was the perfect name for it, I recognized that God had selected that name for the album, wanting to show me the plan that He has for me in this new project”.

From this powerful album Top of the Line, comes the first single Caile, which according to his composer (Tito) has all the qualities to captivate all audiences. “The song is addressed to the women in a very distinguished way, the way I always treat them, but is also very rhythmical. It also shows how the interpreter enjoys all of the ways to interpret styles within the same genre”.

In Top of the Line, (produced by Lunny Tunes, Nelly, Nesty, Naldo, Santana, Máximo Torres, Tilo, Nales, Gomez and Tiny), some of the greatest stars in the genre are featured; among them Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Beenie Man.

Of Daddy Yankee, Tito El Bambino says: “is a great friend whom I admire. This is not the first time we record together. In the past we had a featuring song, which was a hit. Having that in mind, I did want to bring back that chemistry that worked so well among us”.

Regarding Don Omar, Tito El Bambino comments that even though “we had some collaboration together when I used to be part of the duet Héctor and Tito, but we never had done anything with me as a soloist. I believe he is very talented and this was the opportunity to unite our voices”.

Tito expresses that record with Beenie Man represented “a challenge for me. I used to listen to him since my beginnings and used to write songs using his melodies as a reference. I had always liked his interpretation and delivery on stage with his particular Jamaican rhythm (dancehall).”

All this is part of the great vision that Tito El Bambino has for Top of The Line, taking care of every single detail because this artist is not a newcomer in this business. Since his childhood Tito El Bambino showed his inclination for the performing arts. At the age of 12, he recorded his first song in a CD compilation called D’ Noise.

Soon after, he became the first voice for the famous duet Héctor and Tito, having a lot of success throughout the US and Latin America. In 2003, they received a Billboard Latin Award and a Tu Musica Award.

By 2004, he went solo, solidifying and enhancing his position through all Latin America as one of the best performers in his genre: reggaeton.

Tito El Bambino was selected by a Puerto Rican TV Network to be its spokesperson for public service campaigns against drugs, violence and fire arms. Once again he makes history when he performed at a sold out engagement at the Center for the Performing Arts, the most prestigious venue in Puerto Rico. He became the first artist in his genre to perform there.

His talent has turned him into the artist with more international projection transcending all the traditional schemes of the reggaeton. His human quality is sustained by his Christian belief and his music is a product of the love and the experiences of all human beings including his own. He has recorded with great Latin American singers like José Feliciano, Victor Manuelle and Giovanni Hidalgo.

His clean image has been object of praises by all media outlets, selecting him as one of the best dressed. His desire to dress neatly took him to create his own clothing line T. BAMBINO, which has a lot of popularity among the youngsters.

He has also, created his own record label ON FIRE MUSIC, producing demos and records for new talents.

After 5 CD’s and more than 500,000 copies sold, Tito El Bambino now comes with his new production Top of the Line.

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