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Biografía de Yoseph The One

Many kids dream of being actors musicians, or even famous rappers. Very few get the chance to prove that they have the will to work hard enough to make their dreams come true. As a successful child in the music industry, not only do you have to make sure that your on top of your game when it comes to music, but you also have to stay on top of school work. It also does not hurt to have strong parental guidance as well. Joseph Rivera is lucky to have all that it takes to make his dreams of becoming a famous Reggaetonero come true.

Jospeh also known as Yo-seph was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Boston Massachusetts. He now attends Junior High as he continues to embark on his music career. “I am 14 right now and will be turning 15 on January 15th,” Jospeh stated as he squashed rumors that he was younger. “When I was like 4 years old my dad saw that I had talent and I would mimic other artist. He decided to put me to the test of being an artist, and I ended up recording my first song at the age of 5. I started professionally in Reggaeton when I was 11 going on 12. The first track that I recorded was called ‘Lo Mio’ and it is # 7 on “La Trayectoria” produced by Luny and Tunes.

It seems like Joseph’s entrance into the world of music has been much easier than most kids his age. Many of those who work with Mas flow seem to be Old friends of Luny of Tunes and Joseph and his father are no exception. “Well back then my dad used to own a CD store with a small studio,” Joseph explained to Reggaetonline’s Princesa. “My dad came over here to Puerto Rico. Since my dad and Luny were old friends they reconnected in Puerto Rico and then Luny offered to include me in La Trayectoria.”

Now Joseph has a little taste of fame, he also has his own following. With everything that is happening in his life now, he is still a well rounded individual and very humble as well. “I appreciate it when people come up to me for autographs because that tells me that they appreciate my talent,” Joseph says with pride. “When fans acknowledge me I am overwhelmed and happy. As far as all the success I am experiencing at this age, I feel that I have completed one of my goals and now I have made a list of new goals and my job is to complete them as well. Now I am learning more and more about the industry, and I feel like I have matured now and I have learned from mistakes.”

Joseph continuous to evolve as he ages with continued support encouragement from Luny and Tunes. “The Benjamins just came out and I am included on one track in the album which is an honor, “Joseph said with excitement. “I will also officially begin working on my own album, “Joseph, the One”. I will be working on projects with Don Omar and Daddy Yankee and Flow Music, When I see all that I am doing I cant believe it, I say to myself, ‘Wow Jopseph you have come so far!’”

As a fan of Reggaeton, its hard to imagine working with people like Daddy Yankee Don Omar, Luny Tunes, or DJ Nelson and keep your composure. For Jospeh, this is a simple question to answer. “I don’t really see the industry as a fan, I see it as business now. Some people I do feel like fans of them, but I never freak out when I am around them or anything like that. I mean, there are many people that I admire but it’s more like a working relationship, and since I work with them so closely they are my friends.” Don’t all Reggaeton fans wish that Luny and Tunes or even Daddy Yankee were “just friends!”

Many can only imagine what its like to be onstage in front of thousands of people. For most it would be overwhelming. “I performed in the Mas flow concert when the CD first came out and I have been to perform to México,” recalled Joseph. “When I first saw the audience at the Mas Flow concert I was nervous. My dad talk to me and helped me out, and surprisingly enough once I got onstage my nervousness went away and I just did my thing. I have not had any problems with being nervous every since.

Joseph is a very humble teenager with good parents. He also knows his education is very important. With all that he does any kid would find it hard to stay focused, but he does. He is also the first to admit that without the support of his parents and siblings the road would be much harder for him. “I along with my parents, I also have to give thanks to my brothers and sister because I know its hard from them. I get more attention sometimes even though I know my parents give same amount of love to all of us. ”

“I appreciate the presidents; AA and Nales, Tainy, Thilo, Luny and Tunes for making beats for me and Luigi for helping with my lyrics. Ina Anthony and Isabel and Sammy are my dancers. . .” With that Joseph continues to thank people as though he is accepting some award, not wanting to forget anyone who has help him along the way. Reggaeton fans will patiently wait for his new CD, and hope that his talent continues to evolve. We also hope that as a young man he continues to remember who he is and where he came from, for these are characteristics that Reggaeton fans appreciate the most.

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