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Zion Y Lennox

Real name(s) : Zion (Felix Ortiz), Lennox (Gabriel Pizarro)
Birth place : Carolina, Puerto Rico
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Destiny united Zion ( Felix Ortiz ) and Lennox ( Gabriel Pizarro ) in the small town in Carolina, Puerto Rico, by making them neighbors. As kids they connected through a common interest in Rap, Hip Hop, and Dance Hall. Their musical collaboration quickly evolved into a serious passion through working on Reggaeton together. From an early age Zion And Lennox deeply believed in the potential of young genre.

Zion And Lennox embarked on their professional career through appeareances on many prestigious compilations. The Noise, Godfather, MVP, Desafio, Los Matadores, Dj Goldy, Anqueira Innovando, Blin Blin Vol. 1 and Mas Flow are among the most successful albums they have contributed to. Their single on the Gargolas Record " Te Hago El Amor ( Making Love to You" ) was an immediate hit in Puerto Rico, as well as the Latin Market in the United States. They also had memmorable appearances on the albums of other top artists like Los Cazadores, Barrio Fino, Voltaje and Los Anormales.

Three years of releasing many popular tracks culminated in the realization of their first full-length album "Motivando La Yal". This impressive production showcases Zion And Lennox's lyrical ability and musicianship. The record combines traditional Reggaeton influences with other genres like Salsa, Merengue and Rock. It includes tracks from well-known producers Mr. Goldy, Notty, Sonic, Lunytunes, Dj Blass, Bones, Dj Nelson, Mercenario, Noriega, Monserrate, Urbe and Nelly Y Eliel. Reggaeton stars Daddy Yankee, Yagga y Mackie, Angel Doze, Voltio and Tego Calderon also appear on "Motivando La Yal".

Zion and Lennox released their hit album Motivando la Yal, over a year ago. Their music has had a significant cultural impact and touched many audiencies in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. They have visited many U.S. cities like Philadelphia, Connecticut, Miami, Orlando, New York, and performed in prestigious venues such as Madison Square Garden and the Miami Arena. The duo has also traveled to Latin countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.

Their sudden success has enabled them to undergo a period of intense professional, personal, and artist growth. Connecting to fans around the world has inspired Zion and Lennox and enriched their collaboration. They are a focused and hard working group intent on achieving their goals and aspirations.

Zion and Lennox represent Reggaeton on a Global level and the demand from them is overwhelming. Their first production has been received with awards including Best Rap Duo, and People's Choice Award. The duo has recently launched a Special Edition of their hit album with Sony BMG Music and White Lion. They are hyped about upcoming bi-lingual records with artitsts such as Fatman Scoop and Miri Ben-Ari. Zion And Lennox have their eyes fixed on the future and they are ready for battle.

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